What People Say

I found the Preschooler Personality informative and helpful, especially understanding your personality, which can be different from that of your child's.
Sue Moir
I can't thank you enough... It is a relief to hear that its normal curiosity and the advice was very specific, clear and helpful.
Kate, mother of 5 year old
I have never seen her decide what to wear and get dressed so fast! She loved the game...Thank you. Yesterday, I did what you said with the getting out of the car issue and that worked too. You're amazing Eleanor. Two problems solved.. I can't believe it.. my husband can't believe it. She is in bed and asleep in 15 minutes. She tells me to go and leave the room. You're absolutely amazing.
Vicky, mother of 4 year old
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Eleanor. As parents we found ourselves in a situation that we were unable to work through on our own, and for us Eleanor's insight and wisdom were invaluable. Over the course of about 4 sessions our child experienced dramatic breakthrough and actually enjoyed the process. We can't speak highly enough of Eleanor and would definately recommend her practice to other families.
Mother of 7 year old
This session gave me a good understanding of my child’s personality. I feel like I’m not alone in this and that there are other parent’s in my position. Good to know I can start to understand and learn about my child’s personality and behaviour. Very excited to start putting this into practice.
Norma Flore
I used to feel confident in my parenting abilities, then I started to waiver... Eleanor really confirmed what I knew in my heart to be true. Thank you for that. She sounds like she's been there.
Julie, mother of 4 year old
Thank you for your help. I'm grateful for you saying its more or less normal behaviour as the nursery school make me feel like a bad parent... Thank you.
Charlotte, mother of 4 year old
Very interesting and well presented, they obviously know their material. Great to understand the thinking of parents and children.
Judith McGhie
Thoughtful, sincere answers to detailed questions. I totally felt better about my child’s situation.
I didn't even think about that! Thanks for the suggestion!
Andrea, mother of 2 year old
Thank you so much for not only the good advice, but taking about 100 pounds off my shoulders. It’s comforting to know we are on track and this behaviour will pass.


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