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The Preschooler Personality™  Rating Scale

Instructions to complete The Preschooler Personality™ Rating Scale:

 Read across each numbered row on the black and white sheet. 
Choose and circle one of the four column descriptions that mostly describes your child or their behaviour.
 Leave any rows that you are unsure about and come back to them later or on the answer sheet.
Transfer circled descriptions on the black and white sheet to corresponding descriptions on the answer sheet
(the description may not be in the same column).
Add up totals of circles in each columns.
Any unsure answers fill in now and readjust totals if necessary.

Leaving a few rows totally blank will not necessarily affect the outcome of the personality rating scale.   

If you have any questions about The Preschooler Personality™ Rating Scale, please don’t hesitate to phone Eleanor at 0421 879 327 or email

The Preschooler Personality™ Rating Scale is part of The Preschooler Personality™ Kit.
For a printable quality version email

Feelings Meter.  Allowing children to identify and monitor their emotions.

If you would like a printable version emailed to you please email with 'feelings' in the subject line.

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