The Preschooler PersonalityTM Assessment 

Are you looking for answers?
Do you want things to change?
This service is solution focused and will help you get results with your child.

Consultations are now available by Phone, via chat at the bottom right side of the page or book a Home visit.

This service is suitable and has proven effective in a very short time frame to help children with aggressive behaviour or outbursts, self-confidence and even simple tasks like getting ready in the morning.

If you have tried everything and want fresh or new approaches to tackling your child's behaviour, then contact me.  If time-outs and other methods are not getting results anymore for your child, a Preschooler PersonalityTM assessment can help.

With this individualised and unique approach, which involves working with a child's personality type, parents report a positive change in as little as a week.

The Preschooler PersonalityTM Kit is included in Assessment.

Phone Eleanor 0421 879 327 or email for a free initial consultation to find out how I can help restore peace in your home.

The Preschooler PersonalityTM Workshops

The Preschooler PersonalityTM Workshops are available for preschools or playgroups.
Mini workshops are 15-30 minutes, tailored workshop sessions are 1 hour and
The Preschooler PersonalityTM Intensive Workshop is 3 hours.

The Preschooler PersonalityTM Kit is included in Workshop.
To book a workshop for your playgroup, workplace or preschool phone Eleanor 0421 879 327 or email.

The Preschooler PersonalityTM Kit

To purchase your child's Preschooler PersonalityTM Kit for home use.

1 x Early Childhood Personality Rating Scale for ages 2-6.
1 x Adult Personality Rating Scale.
1 x Easy Reference Personality Chart
1 x Easy Reference Parent-Child Personality Relationship Chart
3 x Personality Manuals:
Introduction to Personality Traits and Types.
Personality and Behaviour including what a child thinks and
13 behaviour strategies to suit personality types.
Parent-Child Relationships, how do personality types relate to each other in a family, friendship or daycare setting.


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