22 June 2010 News article about our Parenting Seminar

March 2010 Parent with Potential endorses Little Billies
Letter of Endorsement

As the owner of Parent with Potential Pty Ltd, I’d like to offer my endorsement of Little Billies, Positive Parenting Tools developed by Sarah Dawson. Sarah Dawson, the owner of Little Billies shows great initiative and resourcefulness in the design and thought of her products, aimed at helping parents and especially children through routine charts and reward charts amongst other parenting tools.
As a child behaviour specialist, I am particularly impressed with Little Billies reward charts and routine charts. What sets Little Billies apart from other reward charts is the clear pictures and descriptions that can be used by a large age group. The reward charts in particular are specific and clear about what the child is being rewarded for which is lacking in many ‘traditional’ star chart or reward chart formats. This leads to specific behaviours that can be targeted and worked on over a period of time until a child has mastered certain tasks or behaviours.

Sarah has a real skill in being able to identify need and develop tools that are easily applied and reinforced, by even a young child who would be drawn to the bright pictures and magnetic features.
I am also aware that Sarah consults with other professionals from time to time to provide input. This is very reassuring that the tools that Little Billies offers are not just developed by a mother but in consultation with a range of qualified practitioners dealing with children and parents in the fields of psychology, teaching and counselling.

See why Little Billies products are so great visit them at

Hills Shire Times (November 2006)
A program designed to help parents discover their child’s personality has been developed by a Cherrybrook mother Eleanor Formaggio. Mrs Formaggio is a qualified counsellor with expertise in co-ordinating resources for new mothers and early childhood groups.

They came up with The Preschooler Personality program about a year ago. The program for parents, of children aged two and six, is aimed at improving their understanding of their child’s behaviour and what motivates their attitudes and actions. “As is obvious to many of us, every child is uniquely different,” Mrs Formaggio said. “It can be seen in the way they relate to others, the way they view the world and how they respond to their circumstances.

“For many parents it is in these precious and challenging early childhood years that we really begin to consider what might be needed to respond to their particular needs and ways of coping.

“We believe through gaining greater wisdom about your child’s thinking and behaviour you will be able to improve your parent-child interactions and unlock their inner potential.”

“Through meeting people and having discussions with parents of very young children we found there was a need for a program like this. It opens parents’ eyes to see they aren’t alone and that each child is an individual and therefore has needs based on its own individual personality.”


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