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Wednesday's Giveaway!

We are giving away 3 Preschooler Personality Kits today!

If you would like one and fulfil the criteria below then comment on our Facebook Page  and we will give a kit to the first three people who comment.

  1. You have a child between the ages of 2 and 6.   
  2. You will be prepared to review the kit and allow us to publish your review or comments about it because we know you will love it!
If you are eligible, comment at our Facebook Page. 

Wednesday Giveaway expires 11pm 02 April 2014. 

In this present moment

Looking for interesting ways to connect with your kids. Do you have limited time to spend with your children?
This book explores the concept of quality time - what does it really look like? How much time does your child need?
This book is for any parent that has ever experienced guilt hearing the words, "quality time".
Don't waste another moment!

Give yourself the gift of less guilt and give your kids a gift that lasts.

It is available as an e-book here or
buy the print version below

also connect with other readers at

The Preschooler PersonalityTM Kit is available for purchase now.

The Kit contains:
1 x Early Childhood Personality Rating Scale for ages 2-6.
1 x Adult Personality Rating Scale.
1 x Easy Reference Personality Chart
1 x Easy Reference Parent-Child Personality Relationship Chart
3 x Personality Manuals:
Introduction to Personality Traits and Types.
Personality and Behaviour including what a child thinks and
13 behaviour strategies to suit personality types.
Parent-Child Relationships, how do personality types relate to each other in a family, friendship or daycare setting.

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