About Me

Eleanor Formaggio is the founder of Parent with Potential, Author of In this Present Moment: Quality Time Ideas for Busy Parents and a degree qualified Counsellor (Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling).

Eleanor is the mother of three sons and has a special interest in how personality affects behaviour which led to her developing The Preschooler PersonalityTM in 2005 for children ages 2-6 and the READ Personality System for primary age children in 2013.
Eleanor has been supporting families for over 17 years. Her previous professional and work experience has involved facilitating and co-ordinating resources for families, including a support group for new mothers, a support group for mothers experiencing postnatal depression and co-facilitating self esteem and behavioural programs for primary children.

About The Children's Counsellor

Sometimes raising children just isn't what we imagined and this can cause stress and emotional moments for parents. As most parents find out being a parent is the most responsible job in the world and it is constant. Being a parent means being their nurse, their bodyguard, their hero - someone they can rely on and look up to and being their counsellor - someone to guide them and listen to them. I believe that if you really know your child you can meet their individual needs and release them into their full potential and a successful life.
This blog offers tools and resources that I have used with my own children that will hopefully help to bring harmony and balance into your home.

My Story 

As my children were growing up moving on from baby to toddler and toddler to preschooler, I found myself constantly asking God for wisdom in raising my children. This became an almost constant thought, “How do I know if I am doing the right thing?” “Am I doing the best for my child?” “How do I handle this situation or this difficult behaviour?” One day I found a book “Setting the Stage for Your Child’s Faith” by Florence Littauer. It was a small book and I was intrigued as the author described personality traits and raising children according to their individual personality types – her motto was “train a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it”, out of Proverbs.

I found instant peace with the concept of finding out who my child really was (and is) and how to nurture them according to their unique needs and help them to reach their potential mainly by focusing on them and their individuality. Appreciating their behaviours, strengths and weaknesses and finding out all I could about them. I developed The Preschooler PersonalityTM as a way to share these insights with other parents.

The foundation of The Preschooler PersonalityTM is the Personality Rating Scale developed to identify personality traits in children as young as two years old and because it is behaviour based it is easy to use. My interest in personality and how it affects my children’s behaviour and emotional state has really enhanced my parenting. As a parent, I love that now I know ‘why’ they do what they do and I can appreciate them for who they are. I also know that treating my children fairly doesn’t mean they need to be treated the same and it has freed me to parent as I feel comfortable doing.

I have enjoyed being able to see results quickly by using personality as the foundation of what I do.

Personality can put behaviour into perspective.  A thorough understanding of a child's personality type not only equips us to solve behaviour issues but also assists us to more easily communicate, educate and entertain a child.

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