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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

As a parent I have to admit I don’t know everything and my children know it.  

My son got given some loom bands from some friends, about a month ago.  He asked me a few times for a loom and bands of his own.  I resisted the urge to spend money on a fad, and the fact that the bands were going to get stuck in my vacuum cleaner because they would find their way to the floor, like the Lego and Nerf bullets I've bought before.  

Then a few days ago he was looming with his fingers and called me for a bandaid.  It was minor but nothing like a little guilt to make resistance crumble and convince me he really needed a loom.  The next day he had a loom and 600 bands of his very own (which are now distributed equally between the floor, the table and a plastic bag). 

The loom came with very limited instructions plus my limited patience and interest in looming equals my advice to “ask the neighbour how to do it”. The neighbour wasn’t at home, so he came and asked me again.  Then I reminded him about Youtube. 
After a few minutes I went to the room and found him crying, “I can’t do it”.  Turns out he was trying to follow instructions on Youtube on how to make an easter egg out of the bands.  
Time I stepped in to help... so I explained to him that he needed to find something easier to do first.  Just to practice and then he could make the easter egg. 
30 minutes later he came out with a necklace. Not bad for a 6 year old who taught himself.

So what have you told your child to look up in the last week? 

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