Are we intolerant of our children, of childhood?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It is with slight hesitation I post this post, and it is just a thought. I would like to hear other parents comments on, I don’t think there is an answer to fit everyone and what you do or don’t do is your personal free choice and you are entitled to it – so please don’t judge this blog post but let me know what your experiences are because here is my experience.

There are very good reasons that parents put their children onto medications and there are some parents who choose not to? So here are my reasons for not doing it, because I consider my child ‘normal’ with some outstanding traits that as an adult I wouldn’t think twice about – well actually quite the opposite, I think alot about!

Adults with similar characteristic behaviours, (seen in some children) are looked at in awe! Observed with wonder of their superhuman abilities to bounce back, be resilient, to do what they choose, be adventurous with little thought about what will happen next, but we don’t force them to take drugs to calm them down and make them more law abiding or less adventurous?

See we look at some adults, perhaps even friends of ours and think - How cool, wow they have so much energy, how do they get so much done. Wish I had their brain for two minutes, they always have ideas, they’re always busy. They’re disorganized, they’re always running late but hey they’re fun! They’re so positive, they’re really encouraging and supportive. They’re always up for a night out or a trip away. They’re so popular, she’s fun to be with, she’s loud, she’s funny, she’s entertaining, she’s a bit out there but who cares she’s doing the best she can!

But these traits in our children we don’t want to accept? We want them to be like everybody else (because everybody else is so good, they fit in at school, they’re getting good grades, they listen when spoken to or obeys without arguing, they’re accepted and liked by their peers).

Are children being discriminated against? Is the fear of being judged as a parent influencing how we treat our children?


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