The positive spin on parenting.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I love about parenting is...

Cuddles in the morning, cuddles at night.

Reading out aloud. It's something they promote on "brain training" so it has to be good? There are some books I love to read and others I should have left in the shop when I had the chance.

Smiles and loud hellos when ‘daddy’ comes home after a long day, perhaps I should be a little more enthusiastic to see them – wonder what effect that would have?

The "why?" questions -  They’re showing an interest in what’s going on around them. And sometimes I even have to look something up because we don’t know it all. I’m learning something everyday.

Getting out – the children love to be outdoors and I’ve stopped saying,  "I can see you from here out the window" now I get in on the action! Some vitamin D and some exercise. It doesn’t even have to be too long but they really appreciate it.

Being busy – it is pretty hectic and doesn’t seem to slow down no matter what age they get to so I have an excuse when the dishes aren’t packed or the washing isn’t ironed.

Sitting down to eat dinner or watch a show – love having another excuse to sit.

Having something to smile or laugh about – sometimes children say the funniest things and these are hard to forget and easy to smile about.  Also, hearing my children’s discussions with each other and prayers, I’ve learnt alot!

Unconditional love - children are natural at giving love and forgiving. 

Are there little things you appreciate about being a parent? What's your positive spin on being a parent?


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