What's in a moment?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After a consultation with parents one day, I realised I am with parents or their children a mere moment in comparison to a whole day, a whole week or a year. 

Years, months, weeks or days are all made up of moments and it made me think about how I spend my moments and that I decide how long my moments are going to last. 

A moment can be spent so quickly, each day is made up of moments. A moment to smile, a moment to call someone you’ve been putting off, a moment in time to share a coffee with a friend, a moment in time for just you, a moment for your child, a moment to see their homework, a moment to enjoy a meal together, a moment they can be long or short they are mere moments, moments in a big picture, that every day is made up of moments, it just takes amoment to hug, a moment to listen, a moment to sit and watch. You may even find yourself enjoying the moment.

You can relish in a moment that you are enjoying or you can see a moment for what it is and realise that the moment may pass.


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