The cushion moments

Monday, August 22, 2011

I love the texture of cushions, some are soft and some are patterned, some are embroided and some are silk. Cushions are decorative but they can also serve a purpose. My sons like cushions too.
Cushions are great for cubbyhouses indoors and who can resist a cushion fight, they have old ones in their playroom just for them.
I don’t buy cushions of the same kind, I did at one time. Now I prefer to look for just the right one, one that says something about me at the time. I keep the colour tones the same but love the variety and enjoy trying to find ones that stand out to me, something about the right cushion that attracts me. I look at the cushion and am reminded of that moment when I found it. There is something about it that attracts me and so long as it’s the tone of colour I need and on a special, I’ll normally buy it. They’re comforting too, when we grow too old to cuddle a teddy there’s some comfort in holding a cushion.

Yes we have a lot of cushion moments as parents, wishing we could cushion our child’s fall, cushion them from harm and give them a cushion when they lose their temper.

Do you have a favourite cushion? Do they have to match?  What textures do you like?


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