Don’t judge me – this is my normal.

Monday, July 18, 2011

These are my children, I am their parent.
There are boundaries I focus on and some I choose to let go.
My children are individuals and I am an individual- as you are.

You cannot compare because you don’t know what is behind my decision, my belief,
my cultural background, my values, my upbringing - they have formed me.
My opinions, my views, my thoughts are not yours and they don’t have to be.

It’s normal in my house to hear my children laughing loudly, playing and sometimes fighting between themselves. I don’t mind that - it’s my normal.
My children may not swear in my house - that’s my normal,
Sometimes my children won’t be enthusiastic or greet everyone who comes over, that’s my normal
and what I choose to do about it is my choice, my decision – my normal.

My children may debate, sometimes I may want to abdicate – that’s my normal.
My children may be allowed to snack two hours before dinner time, 
My children may be allowed to watch two hours of tv,
It’s my normal,
My children may have to do chores,
My children may have to buy their own toys,
My children may be influenced by what I believe,
My children may get excited about time with me,
My children may or may not .....
it’s our normal.

We all have a 'normal'! What's yours and what is it based on?


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