What have you done today?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Somethings come around so quickly, like 2.30pm school pick up time, wrapper free Wednesday (that needs another post) and hand in homework day Thursday

Laundry day, and spend time with family day, sports day Saturday, birthdays and grocery day. They all come around so quickly.  While somedays can’t come quickly enough, like pay day, thanksgiving day and "me" day and the heyday - well that one’s truly gone.
There is facebook, twitter and 2 magazines, but reading’s not coming that easy.... with “tv”, “speak to me” and “what shall we”.... distractions coming up all the time.

That nagging feeling - that I haven't done enough or could've done more. Where has the time gone?

Three hours and nothing to show for it. Or no. Now I remember, one load in the washer, one hour at the grocer, unload a trolley and unpack the groceries, one load of dishes packed, make a sandwich, pay a bill and make a cup of tea. Check facebook and email. Hang out the load of washing, make another cup of coffee, turn to add milk and realise I haven’t drunk the previous cup of tea– no wonder I’m thirsty – Gosh thirty minutes before school pick up, brush hair, put on some lippy , slip on some shoes.  Quick find the car keys, I put them somewhere – no not on the keyrack - on the counter - of course! Off I go, pick up time.

Back home for homework time.  Time to cook the dinner and squeeze in a phonecall to make sure hubby's on his way home and will be on time. Dinner time, bath time and eventually bed time with some books squeezed in for good measure.

If you have a child under 4, add two hours to this itinerary. This is to account for the time spent on dealing with a tantrum, crying and incessant explanations of why that need to be squeezed in, during or inbetween each task.

All in a day - what a day!


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