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Monday, June 20, 2011

You see that mother taking her children to the park? That’s not me
You see that mother holding their child’s hand as they walk? That’s not me
You see that mother smiling at her baby in the stroller? That’s not me
You see that mother conscientiously watching as her child walks into the school gate? That’s not me

You see that mother?
I see her too but I’m me and this is what I do....

I’m the mother who watches her child play a sport they enjoy,
I’m the mother running after her son, calling out “stop”, “come back”,
I’m the mother waiting in the specialist’s waiting room, holding, cuddling her child when he is sick,
I’m the mother reading a story to her child – no one sees that,
I’m the mother trying to make ends meet or sticking tightly to a budget – no one would know that,
I’m the mother trying to make sense of it all,
I’m the mother trying to find the reason behind it all,
I’m A mother and this is what I do ......

What do you do that defies belief, seems insignificant, takes time, takes patience, understanding, but You Do it?

PS: Any father's want to write one? or would love to hear father's experiences so I can write a father's one -  please email your dad contributions to email:


Anonymous said...

Great job, I love it :)

Anonymous said...

I am a mother whose heart aches for her children...
I want my children to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be secure, to be loved.
I am a mother who is constantly thinking of how to go above and beyond.
I am a mother who gets her son up in the middle of the night to take him to the toilet so he doesn't wet the bed in the early hours of the morning.
I am a mother who applies bandaids to scraped knees, ice to knocked heads, and pressure to stop the bleeding.
I am a mother who washes, cooks and cleans, not because "I have to" but because I want my family to know that they are loved and that's how I serve them.
I am a mother who tries not to worry, who allows her kids the autonomony that they desire, who challenges her kids to reach that little bit higher, who praises successes.
I am a mother who cries with my kids, laughs with my kids, plays with my kids, does chores with my kids, teaches my kids, listens to my kids, enjoys my kids, LOVES my kids!

Luma said...

I'm a father,
I'm a father who helps his son sort his lego on Saturday mornings.
I'm a father who wonders how to share my passion for life.
I'm a father who buys a trail of little tea lights to light the way for his daughter at night when she has bad dreams.
I'm a father who learns how to play the ukeleli and bass guitar so he can share in his children's favourite instruments.
I'm a father who has no idea what he's doing, yet trusts he can learn what will be asked of him.
I'm a father.

Parent with Potential said...

It's amazing how much we do and how creative we can be as parents without realising it. Keep your experiences and comments coming. Hoping more fathers will contribute too. Love it when dad's are involved with their children.

Colin Wee said...

I am a father who has given myself
to opening my mind and to watching my children.
You see those fathers who put in their token amount of 'quality' time?
That's not me.
I'm the father who is interested in what makes my children tick.
When it's time for me to be quiet, I'm quiet.
When it's time for me to shout, I shout.
And when it's time for me to reveal what little I know, I speak simply and truthfully.
I am a father trying to be a good parent.

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