Somethings just need time

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I remember the day my son’s daycare teacher approached me because my then 2,5yo son wasn’t talking as well as some of the other children in his agegroup. Actually, he spoke very little full stop.
I could have rushed him off somewhere for tests and without a doubt someone would have found something to start “working” on. However, I stood my ground and calmly said I would worry if it hasn’t improved by age 4. I also had to take my own advice, having given a mum this recommendation when her 3yo wasn’t talking. It turned out he spoke non stop when he turned 4,5yrs old. So with that in mind I let my son develop and he has, sure he struggles pronouncing some words beginning with sounds like "sh" or "j" but if we correct him he copies how we say it and slowly he is making fine progress.  We also make it fun for him and he loves trying. He is talking more and more and becoming easier to understand so I am glad I waited.

Is there pressure for you to push your child to do something that perhaps just needs time?


Sarah @GettingfromHeretoThere said...

It's so hard when there's such a wide range of "acceptable" ages for kids to develop certain things. Pumpkin is 5 and still wets the bed (well, she was dry for a while but then her Dad stuffed that up... but we won't go there!!!) and I keep getting told about all these people who weren't dry for ages. I took her to the doctor for this and a number of other sleeping issues regardless of being told to let her just do it when she was ready. I think you just need to do what feels right... you're the mum and most of the time you know best. If by chance The Monkey has some issue I think I'd take him to the doctor (early intervention and all that) but I still use my own intuition to make the final decision on everything. And I'll never push my kids into anything... even if there was a problem we'd work it out together.

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