If there was a parent's dictionary....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Here is a list of words that if a parent's dictionary ever existed, these words should not appear in it.

Perfect – Does this word need further explanation to a parent?

Right - There is no right way to parent, their is your way, your choice, your ability, your child, your child’s needs, your needs.

Wrong-There is no wrong, there is choice, there is responsibility, there is what’s in the best interest of parent or child.

Clean- Keeping whatever it is clean is almost impossible and chances are once you have cleaned it something will happen to undo that work

Housework/Chore – Most things can wait especially if the babies crying or the children need feeding

Should – as in I should be doing this, I should have done that – this leads to guilt.

Money – we all need it but think about all the parents who would not have to work if they did not need it and who could stay with their children that little bit longer

Sick – as in your child, your partner, your wife, your husband is sick. No parents want to hear that – ever!

Why – don’t ask this question because sometimes we just don’t know why and somethings are a mystery.

Guilt- A feeling most parents feel when they think they should be doing something more with their child

Phrases that parents should not have to hear:

Sleeping through or Sleeping through yet? – don’t ask.
What’s he/she eating?
Oh really? - like you never thought, said or did that before?

What else would you like to see deleted in a parent's dictionary.


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