The Paradoxical Life

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why is it?

We tell our children they’re perfect just the way they are, then we tell them to not be so shy or not be so loud or to not be so...

We tell our children beauty is within and looks aren’t everything, then they see us putting on our makeup

We tell them to love one another, yet we do not love their father or mother

We tell them not to laugh at others suffering , then we watch Funniest Home Videos, talent shows and Youtube videos.

We tell them when they’re watching something sad or scary that that can’t or won’t happen to them, but who really knows

We tell them to be friends with everyone, then they hear us gossiping about the other mother from school or work

We tell them they’re special and lovely, then they hear us call them ‘little S****” or some other endearing? term....

We tell them we love them, then threaten them when things aren’t going our way

We tell them and then we wonder why they don’t believe us.

We are told to enjoy our children, yet our children don’t listen to us or won’t talk to us

We are told to enjoy parenting, yet being a parent is the most demanding, tiring, and at times the most difficult job to do

We are told to think about the positives, yet it’s the negatives that are so easy to see

We are told we are equal .....

We are told we are... and we also can’t believe it.


Nathalie said...

Role modelling for Life skills is essential thanks for sharing.
Although watching funny home videos and talent shows, I explain that the people that are doing this are aware and have given their permission to share these funny moments.

Erica Reese said...

Much appreciate you writing this

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