Shower or not to shower?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 3 yo loves the water, he plays in the bath for an hour if I let him and he also enjoys showering with his brothers – that was until three weeks ago.  After three nights of him crying, “burning eyes”, “eyes burning” he finally decided no more showers. It became the 20 minute tantrum time, he would run around the house avoiding us before we would finally be able to carry him kicking and screaming to the shower.

It only took me 7 days to realise that his burning eyes may have been caused by sun tan lotion, that he had applied at preschool which runs into his eyes at shower time... and I thought he was just trying to get out of washing his hair?

I may not have been quick to solve what the cause was... perhaps clouded by my judgement of the situation. I was a lot quicker with finding a solution though and this was my creative way of getting him back in to the shower.

I know most children love a game or a surprise, using this knowledge I came home armed with my “showertime” solution. At shower time, I told him I had bought him a surprise that he can use in the shower or the bath. Most children enjoy the concept of a surprise and if it is a tangible item they love it even more. I pulled the surprise out of it’s packaging and revealed a ($2 clear showercap) I did not tell him that.  He believed me when I told him it’s a "special spaceman helmet". It helps that he is 3yo and his imagination still allows him to see things differently. I explained that this “special spaceman helmet” could be worn in the shower and it would stop his hair from getting wet and water going into his eyes. We tried it on and tentatively he got into the shower.

It had been a while since I saw him so willing to go into a shower. Also, within a few minutes he was taking it off to explore and catch water in it. All that shower time he had forgotten about why he did not want to shower in the first place because soap or water would run over his face. He used it a few more nights after that but now mostly takes it in for fun.

What has saved the day for you or your child lately? Is there a creative way to solve a dilemma at your house? Have you got a creative solution to share?


kimroseaus said...

So simple and yet so truly brilliant!! Thank you - I'm going to try it tonight with my almost 3 year old little man.

Anonymous said...

What a novel idea :) well done...

Trying hard to think of a creative way to solve a dilema...

A year ago I'd say to my then 4yr old to find mummy a duck/dog/alphabet letter etc to entertain him while I fed bubba and couldn't move & he needed entertaining for a few minutes more :) lol

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