I see? my child sees?

Monday, March 28, 2011

A follow up on children and imagination –is it a ‘spaceman helmet’?

In turning one thing into another we need to remember two key things:

Children’s minds don’t work as logically as ours. They are learning, experimenting and creating all the time.  Their minds are imagination machines and we need to follow their lead, if this is to continue.

So if you want to bring out their imagination get them to come up with a name for ‘whatever’ you want to present to them. Call things funny names, make things “silly”, funny or fun, kids respond to this and if in doubt add the word “special”.

In exploring my children’s imagination, I have seen many things are different. Their interpretation, meaning and reality can be a little different to what I see...

What do I see? A shower cap, what does a child see? A “special spaceman” helmet.

What do I see? Mud and mess, what does a child see? Cakes and fun.

What do I see? A stick, what do they see? A gun, a knife, an arrow, a telescope, a sword, a bat.

What do I see? A dirty old carpet, what do they see? Materials for a tent or pretend campsite.

What do I see? Leaves and grass, what does a child see? Soup and softfall to tumble or roll on.

What do I see? Pouring rain, what do they see? Splashing and fun, the excitement of exploring the ‘safety and shelter’ that an umbrella provides and (for some) the sound of rain falling on an umbrella.

My child’s imagination is only limited by my imagination. I am able to control their imagination by what I say, I could end their creative journey by saying, "that’s not real", "please keep quiet, I’m trying to think" or I can explore with my child and say, “yes, and?......”, “ what do you think would happen if?”
Enjoy living in their world for a few minutes.. what do your children see?


Be A Fun Mum said...

A child's imagination is such a beautiful thing. Love this.

IB Clever said...

They see wonderful and colorful things around almost everything has story for them. Child's mind is so rich that parents and teachers should learn to accommodate or handle it properly. Ask open-ended questions to stimulate their creativity.

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