A simple lesson about worry

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Worry – that feeling you get when you think about something, that thought nagging you in the back of your mind, constantly there and it can be stressful.

I’ve had that for a few days now, my hair is shedding, thinning enough that I notice and its becoming a concern for me. Yesterday, I found the courage to ask the lady in the pharmacy about it. The lady said, “it could be stress related or there could be other causes, if after taking these vitamins for 30 days there is no improvement see your doctor as hair loss could also be related to thyroid issues.”

So now my concern turns to worry, I was okay with the stress, I am under some more than usual, but now it could be something else? Now I have another stress, thinking about the something else it could be. The whole afternoon and evening the worry grew, in the back of my mind... what if it is the worst case scenario? what if the vitamins don’t work? what if 30 days is too long to wait?

Worry, it has this power. It builds up and up and up. Well, this morning I thought why wait 30 days! I dread needles but dragged myself to the doctor and told him exactly what I told the lady at the pharmacy. This time I got a blood test. Amazing how much better I feel already, the pressure is off (I’m still waiting for the results) but the needle part is over and at least I will know for sure, very soon, not 30 days from now. This is my lesson - Don’t wait and worry, worry and do something about it. If you can...

Not all worries can be easily fixed but there may be some truth in the saying "a burden shared is a burden halved".

Fear is a strong thing and it fuels worry? Preparedness, Prayer, Faith and Hope, these are the things to fill our minds with. What fear or worry can you share that may get it out of your head? Not so that people can fix it or tell you to get over it but that it’s out there and this lessens the power of it already. What action, if any, can you take to lessen a worry?


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