Guest Post - Travelling with kids?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

With the strong Australian Dollar, there is the temptation to travel overseas and for most parents this involves travelling with our children.  I asked Julie from Julie Warner Travel to share her expertise in travelling with kids on a plane. 

  • Firstly, be prepared; take a drink and some favourite snacks as you just never know if the kids will eat the airline food and if there are delays and you are stuck on the tarmac there is nothing worse than a hungry child.
  • Take a supply of mints, lollies or something that children can chew on to help ease ear pain with air travel especially as planes start to descend for landing.
  • Most International route airlines have fantastic onboard entertainment systems in each seat these days which keep kids entertained for hours.
  • Pack items in a small wheelie bag or back pack with a few pockets which can be taken onboard and stored under the seat. Something that is easy for the kids to wheel/carry themselves, but light enough for parents to pick up and carry if required. The pockets make it easier to find everything and for packing up as the kids know where things need to go.
  • Buy a few low cost new items from discount stores and wrap as presents to bring out when getting bored.
Things to take:
  • Comfort item (teddy or blanket)
  • Coloring book or Activity Book
  • Blank paper for drawing with wind up crayons or retractable pencils (no sharpening required)
  • Stickers to provide hours of entertainment creating pictures
  • Sticker Activity Books- Kids can do them and then toss away to lighten the load.
  • Scrapbook – for holiday journal. Write in at the end of each day, draw pictures of the days activities and paste in any items gathered throughout the day such as entrance tickets, postcards or any treasures that may have caught your children’s eye.
  • Small tub of Play dough, a roller and a couple of cutters. This is great on planes, no mess and lots of fun.
  • Magnetic create a scene sets – hours of fun creating stories
  • Small cars, animals or dolls (in zip lock bag or in a back pack small pocket)
  • Small transformers (hours of entertainment re-making them into characters/machines)
  • Small light weight books
  • Anything that your child is interested in that is easily transportable
Perhaps more for the older child:
  • MP3 player/ipod
  • Electronic Games – Nintendo DS, PSP, Gameboy etc
  • Books – a bit of a pain to carry, but if you have an avid reader then it will keep them amused for long periods
Take some panadol for all family just in case you need it on the long haul.
Small pack of tissues and pack of travel wet wipes just in case!
Anti-Bacterial hand gel to use when difficult to find a basin to wash hands.
Also, take a recent photo of your child in case you lose them in a crowd.

Julie from Julie Warner Travel Plans is a travel planning expert who has personally travelled to over 80 countries with her husband and taken their 7 and 9 year old children to 13 and 16 countries respectively.

Julie takes the mystery out of holidays with your children and can show you step by step how to:
- Plan an affordable family holiday, research travel options, put together an itinerary, book your accommodation and tours, successfully pack lightly, keep the kids entertained and make the most of your days away. If you loved travelling before you had kids and would like to take trips with your family but just lack the confidence to put it all together, then Julie can help you!


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