Opportunity + Possibility

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Every year I come up with a theme for the year – a motto – that statement that will sum up my intentions, my hopes and thinking for the year.

Sitting at my desk these two words came to mind and they are my motto for this year – Opportunity + Possibility. I thought about these words and thought they really encapsulate all that a Parent with Potential is. It is someone who believes in possibility or something being possible. I looked into the meaning of opportunity, thinking it was something that comes by chance, which it is but also a little more. According to the Collins English Dictionary (2003) “opportunity” can also mean a favourable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances.
So that is my statement for this year to look out for Opportunity and believe in Possibility to fully live in my potential this year.

Parent with Potential is for every parent. Parents who want to work from home, parents returning to a workplace, Whether your parenting journey is difficult or easy. May this year be a year where opportunity and possibility come together to make you a Parent with Potential!

Do you have a motto this year? Do you have something you believe is possible? What opportunity would you like to see?


katepickle said...

Popped over from that Aussie Blogging Conference site to say hello.

Great motto!

I am working on 'setting the tone' for my household... or 'being queen'... which sounds quite self centred in isolation like this but it's not... I promise!

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