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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My new umbrella....
My son (3 yrs) had been asking for his own umbrella for three or four months. I put off buying one and let him use mine when we picked up his brothers from school and it was raining. Finally, I bought one, it was on sale (of course) and it had been raining for two weeks (yes the rain did stop after I bought it) nonetheless he was so proud of his new umbrella.

I watched him that afternoon as he walked – no, ran up to school and as soon as some girls (around his age) arrived with their umbrellas, he rushed up to them shouting out proudly “me got me umbrella”. The girls stared. They did not understand what the excitement was about but he continued “me got me umbrella” and tried to stand around close to the group so they would include him. They didn’t – he wasn’t put off but it did make me think about his behaviour. How he behaved is a crucial element of what makes us human, it is not as obvious in adults but there nonetheless.

While most adults don’t parade a new umbrella... the need to feel socially included, accepted and valued is a human one. It doesn’t necessarily mean we want others continued approval but we do want to connect.
Just a few minutes on Facebook and you will find groups or pages for almost anything you want to. These pages or groups offer us that common interest and we all have something we can relate to. Perhaps, a holiday destination, a band you like, a place you’ve lived, a church, or an interest in wine, parenting or toys, being a parent of a newborn or preschool age child or school age child or teenager or young adult there are these groups we belong to in life, being a professional. People who share common experiences or passions or interests and these are the things that our inclusion and belonging is founded on.

I’ve made some special friendships this past year and mostly through connecting with people via Facebook. I love doing what I do at home and for families. I have found myself in good company with like minded people. People who cherish their families, their children, their marriages or relationships. People who want to reach their potential and discover what they can accomplish personally and with their children. It’s in connecting that we find what our values are – and more about who we are – by who we choose to associate with and who it is that will allow us, drive us and celebrate with us on our journey. A huge thank you to all of you... friends, followers, fans – whatever you are called it doesn’t matter – you are a Parent with Potential and we look forward to another year of shared experiences.
What do you share in common with others and pages you associate with?


Unknown said...

It is so cool connecting with new people through this blogging community. Love the name of your blog.

found yours through the follow me club, bigwords x

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