The Rollercoaster

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life with children is like a rollercoaster ride, once we decide to have children, we need to buckle ourselves in and depending on what you think of rollercoasters –go with it, , enjoy it or scream through it.
Some days with my children, the rollercoaster is a gentle ride , other days I’m pulled from side to side and sometimes it’s like I’m pushed to the edge and higher and higher waiting for the downhill rush.
There are emotions that come with being on a rollercoaster, fear, excitement, sometimes relief and sometimes joy, the feeling when it’s over that “oh, that wasn’t so bad” and sometimes we even choose “let’s do it again”.
What part of the rollercoaster are you on? Rollercoaster rides are exciting and thrilling, scary and sometimes after a full day it can be tiring but life would be boring without them!


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