A little lesson I learnt about boys again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don’t repeat something that may be embarrassing for a boy.
Whatever their age – this is a lesson l will bear this in mind as my sons get older.

My 9yo was at a father and son camp over the weekend and my 8 yo was asking when is his brother coming back. “Mum come play with me.”, “When are they getting back?”, “What time will they be here?”.

Well on my son’s return they were watching television and I sat next to them and casually said to my oldest son – “Hey, your brother kept asking for you – he must have missed you!”
My 8yo son quickly interjected –“I was only asking when he’d come home so I could kick him on his butt”.... mmm. I kept quiet – my oldest son and I shared a knowing smile. In that moment I learnt quickly that although I interpreted correctly – I should not have let on to his brother how he feels. Hopefully, it won’t stop him sharing things in the future but I will be more considerate because my son wants to be perceived as “macho” not “emo” and some things/feelings are embarrassing for some boys.

They have played beautifully (another mummy word - don't tell the boys) this week. Does absence make the heart grow fonder... I wonder?


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