ADD/ADHD or Personality?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Article by Eleanor Formaggio, January 2009

Up to 78 percent of four to seventeen year olds in the United States have ADD/ADHD, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Whilst this is alarming, many children with ADD/ADHD do not get diagnosed. Some of these children will go on to be adults without the diagnoses or label of ADD/ADHD and adjust their behaviour naturally. Not all inattention or hyperactivity is linked with ADD/ADHD and some behaviours can be modified without the need for medication.

Some personality characteristics fall well within the scope for ADD/ADHD and through understanding personality, behaviour can be better understood.
When considering a child's need for an assessment of ADD/ADHD, especially a child of preschool age, many factors need to be looked at.
Factors which are relevant to a preschooler or young child's behaviour may include:
The child's age and the child's developmental stage. These may assist in assessing more accurately whether the behaviour is within the range for their age and development.
What affect this behaviour may have, whether it is 'a phase', a habit or a possible long term problem.
External contributing factors may include:
Relationships with their siblings and parents, the time of day the behaviour is carried out, diet or sleep. These also need to be considered when looking at child behaviour.

To find solutions to behaviour, a personality assessment may be helpful. A child's temperament, whether he/she is introverted or extraverted, calm or active may be evident from birth. Personality can be identified and assessed in a child as young as two to three years of age. By understanding a child's personality type and their unique makeup of needs, motivation and thoughts, behaviour modification strategies and solutions can be tailored to ensure results. Solutions can concentrate on the child as an individual and the child in the family setting.

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Puzzled said...

Your stats are incorrect. The stats are: two-thirds of the children who HAVE ADHD are on medication. Not two thirds of all children!

This changes the entire premise behind the article.

Children with ADHD still have a personality. Personality has nothing to do with an ADHD diagnosis.

Articles like this can actually create further guilt for parents of children with a diagnosis.

Parent with Potential said...

The stat quoted is from a book by Rebecca Rutledge, Ph.D titled "When your child has ADD/ADHD" The entire quote, on page 4, states "According to the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 78 percent of school- age children, or 4.4 million in the United States, ages four to seventeen years have ADD/ADHD."

My point is that all children have personality and ADHD shares many traits that may be 'normal' especially in toddlers or preschoolers. A key time when parents are looking to understand their child's behaviour and for some children to get diagnosed.

If your child has been diagnosed and you are happy with that diagnosis then there is no guilt and every child and situation is different.

I merely wanted to give some broad information that some behaviours are normal and just natural for some children and parents have options.

It is always beneficial to get various opinions based on your individual situation.

Puzzled said...

I am unsure how the author came to those numbers, as here are the stats from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that I have found:

"Approximately 9.5% children 4-17 years of age have ever been diagnosed with ADHD"


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